This was hands down the best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.I dealt with Jeff himself & this guy was a straight shooter. No bulls**t with this place at all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 9/20/2011

Very dependable and most of all very honest. Certainly not cheap

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 9/15/2011

great experience with a very professional group

4 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 8/8/2011

These guys are better than the dealer.They are very accomodating and know what they are doing.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/31/2011

Fantastic. I am a very satisfied client of Jeff's!

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/28/2011

This nice family run operation always takes care of business...politely, professionally and promptly. Jeff handles all problems with the skill and precision you hope for but so seldom find today. They are the 3rd repair shop that I took my Cabriolet to try to solve a misfire problem. They were the only ones able to fix it and get it running like new again... Yes, I'm a fan.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/19/2011

Absolutely phenomenal experience in every way. I needed a lot of work done, but Jeff was upfront, honest, and even set up a schedule of what I should do and when. I went to Jeff on the recommendation of a friend and couldn't have been happier. If you have a Mercedes and need work done, there's no where else to go.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/18/2011

As usual, great service and attended too with dispatch. There's just the maintenance of MBZ's that is a killer. Thanks Jeff.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/8/2011

I have been coming to Jeff for years, with my BMW He is very accommodating and gives great service for a fair price. Even if you don't have a MB, you will be in great hands!

4 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/2/2011

Though I was cursed with a true "lemon," Jeff, Todd, & their crew, keep my piece of cr*p purring like a kitten! With nearly 180,000 miles, they NEVER do any work that is excessive, yet always let me know when something cannot be overlooked. Let's face it: those of us who decide to drive the Mercedes are destined to drop serious coin on repairs & maintenance. It hurts like hell- no way around that. Jeff & crew are there to make the pain tolerable. Amen to that!!!

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 7/2/2011