• Mercedes Benz Automatic Transmission Maintenance

    Thursday 31 July 2014

    Never underestimate the importance of an automatic transmission. The servicing on these is extremely important because replacing one is extremely expensive. It’s not a question of hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars of repair work if the transmission breaks down. The owner of a Mercedes Benz has paid quite a bit of money to own that vehicle marvel he or she is driving. The durability of a Mercedes is well known but even t... read more

  • Mercedes Benz Diesel Engine Maintenance

    Wednesday 16 July 2014

    The owners of a Mercedes-Benz understand they have not just purchased an automobile. Rather, they have invested in driving luxury pleasure. It is the acquisition of something that has been carefully designed by master craftsmen and the quality is planted in the purchase price. Sensible owners of the Mercedes line want to get as much return on the initial investment as possible. The engine of a Mercedes is well-built but it needs to be maintained. Mercedes die... read more

  • Mercedes Benz Spring Repair And Maintenance Tips

    Tuesday 24 June 2014

    This past winter was rough on man, beast, and automobile. It was rough but everybody made through and now the warmer weather has finally arrived. This is a time of year when folks are starting to do a little more traveling and could spend more time on the open road. It is also a good opportunity to do little maintenance possible repair on that Mercedes Benz in the garage. Points to consider for Mercedes maintenance: It doesn’t mean that the car is on the verge of... read more

  • When Does My Manual Transmission Need to Be Serviced?

    Saturday 31 May 2014

    Anyone who purchases a luxury or high performance car is well aware of the sizable investment. These automobiles have a high level of craftsmanship and design work. They also come with components such as lifelong spark plugs to increase the time spent between maintenance works of Mercedes. Nevertheless, maintenance is something that has to be done on these vehicles. It is the only way to assure maximum return on the initial investment. The... read more

  • Why is it important to have your Mercedes maintained by a trained technician

    Saturday 17 May 2014

    Mercedes is something that allows for bragging rights. The owner knows that he or she has a car that has a history behind it. It is a history of exceptional craftsmanship with a dedication to precision and the highest possible quality in an automobile. This is something that requires special attention and only a trained technician should be allowed to work on it. This is not meant to insult or demean a typical automobile mechanic. This person will do the best possib... read more