I just visited Jeff’s for the first time on a recommendation and couldn’t be more satisfied with the service. Louie was a pleasure to work with and was very professional and thorough. Thanks, guys- I will definitely be returning in the future.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 5/13/2018

Louie and Jeff's did a great job taking care of my car needs. Highly recommend them for your service needs.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 3/4/2018

Excellent service.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 2/17/2018

This was my first experience with Jeff's service - it certainly is not the last. Louie is an absolute miracle worker and, now, Jeff's is my exclusive service center.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 2/9/2018

Jeff at the Mercedes shop was referred by a friend/client. Because she had rated you guys so high, I had put the number in my iPhone. When we encountered a problem; like getting the car into reverse; I pulled up the number, and had it towed to them. This was over the holidays. They not only got it fixed, but also other items that had been neglected. We will not hesitate recommending them to other friends and clients! Wish that they worked on other makes.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 1/12/2018

Friendly, helpful service with a quick turn around. Would definitely bring my car back here again.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 12/5/2017

Amazing costumer service and excellent work. Timely repairs at reasonable prices. I will be a returning customer!

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 12/4/2017

Great service. Always.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 12/2/2017

I was very pleased with the service I received. Jeff and Louie made a quick examination of the car, determined what the problem was (a defective bushing on a spring in the trunk) told me they would order the part and call me when it came in. I did not have to leave the car there while waiting for the part to arrive. When the part arrived they called me, told me that it would take an hour to fix and that they would fix it while I waited. I brought the car back, and the problem was fixed an hour later. A far cry from the dealer where no one wanted to look at the car when I brought it in, told me to come back the next day, when I did, told me I had to leave the car that they might not diagnose the problem for two days, and told me they had no loaners available. That's when I took the car home, went to google and happily found Jeff's. I expect to go back.

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 12/2/2017

Perfect service as usual !!!!!

5 Jeff's Mercedes Auto Service 11/30/2017